Why I Don’t Visit You: a graphic novel in progress

For the past few years I’ve wanted to write the story of what it’s like to live with IBS, an invisible chronic condition that has shaped my life for 35 years. The graphic novel – my first! – feels like the most appropriate form to show what it’s like to live with a disability that’s easy to hide, yet one that takes its toll on the spirit and the practicalities of day to day living. I’m discovering that the graphic novel is also a liberating form in which to tell a story that needs more than “just” words.

The working title Why I Don’t Visit You captures some of the complexity behind a simple invitation from a friend to come and visit, and places the spotlight on the most difficult part of living with a bowel condition: travel, leaving the house, getting from A to B!

I’m creating the graphic novel in sections. Part I, II and III are currently complete.

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Some sample pages from Part I and Part II: