Alone with a Man in a Room

Alone with a Man coverAlone with a Man in a Room: Pieces

Kiss and Tell Press, 2021
234 pages, £12, $18, €15

Alone with a Man in a Room is a collection of fiction and creative-nonfiction stories and essays written and published in various anthologies and journals over the past 20 years. Pieces about love, obsession, promiscuity, paranoia, and desire set in bedrooms, hotels, bathhouses, and public parks, in London, Tel Aviv, New York, and Sitges.

from the Introduction: Many of these pieces have been with me for so long I can’t remember whether they’re fact or fiction. Most are probably a combination of the two. I remember the time and place of their conception: those sweltering afternoons in London writing in an overgrown Abney Park Cemetery, a trip to Lille for writing and sex, the holiday in Almería on my way to Fundación Valparaíso for a writing retreat. Some pieces have been incomplete for so long, they’ll remain in a state of becoming forever. This book is a love letter to London and Tel Aviv, a stock-taking of work that has accumulated over the past twenty years. It’s a farewell card and a thank-you note, a restrospective of stories and essays written in the first twenty years of this new century. (Shaun Levin, Madrid 2021)

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2 thoughts on “Alone with a Man in a Room

  1. Wow! Just read I Will Tell this Story. Loved it. Loved the precision, the speculation, the naming, the piecing together.
    I read Their Eyes were Watching God a couple of months ago, on your recommendation, on one of your book lists. I thank you for putting me on to so many writers I would have missed in my white, British milieu.
    Will definitely be ordering this book.

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