Shaun Levin’s collection of short stories, A Year of Two Summers, was published in 2005. A novella, Seven Sweet Things, was published in 2003 and reissued in 2012 (it’s also available on Kindle). More recently, his work on Isaac Rosenberg has appeared in Desperate Remedies and in the monograph, Isaac Rosenberg’s Journey to Arras: A Meditation. He is the author of Snapshots of The Boy, and his short story about Mark Gertler, “Trees at a Sanatorium”, was published as a book by Sylph Editions. Shaun’s stories appear in anthologies as diverse as Between Men, Modern South African Stories, Boyfriends from Hell, The Poetry of Men’s Lives, and The Slow Mirror: New Fiction by Jewish Writers.

In 2012, Shaun launched the first in a series of Writing Maps, illustrated creative writing prompts to inspire writers on the go!

Shaun has been teaching writing for over twenty years in colleges, schools, adult education and other settings, and run workshops in art galleries, bookshops, cafés, parks, a cemetery, and a zoo. He was the founding editor of the literary journal Chroma and the director of Treehouse Press, and is now the editor of The A3 Review.

He also writes the (very irregular) blog 20 Minutes on Writing.


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