Whether you’re plotting a novel, writing short stories, or just want some fresh ideas to start or keep writing.

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NEW DATES 18 – 23 August, 2014: Writing and Place at Arvon: Finding Creative Inspiration in the Landscape Residential course at The Hurst in Shropshire (co-tutored with Sarah Salway)

NEW DATES 1 October – 10 December, 2014: Creative Writing Workshop for BBC Club members (fortnightly)

Reading to Write: Using Reading to Inspire Writing
Write Around Town: A London Writing Adventure
Write Around Town: An Online Course



  • “a good introduction to the skills and courage needed to write” (PV) 

  • “Shaun allowed everyone to develop a distinct style and tone” (GR)

  • “fun, exhilarating and inspiring” (CB) 

  • “always surprising and challenging” (GH)




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Creative writing prompts and exercises. A writing workshop in your pocket... a portable, practical and inspiring guide to writing fiction and memoir.

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Creative Writing Courses and Workshops with Shaun Levin

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