Make Me Write!

What a great idea. You have to try this out.


And this is what I wrote:

I’ve never tried this before but I’m willing to try anything – what with the way my life is at the moment and I barely have time to notice my breaths – to notice anything. I want to get back to a time when I took from the world – when I took time – sat in cafes and walked through galleries and noticed the way people behaved and spoke to each other and ate their cakes and drank their tea and milkshakes – (who invented the straw – what is the point of a straw unless you’re in hospital – or want to look really prissy in a bar) – and I used to walk through parks a lot and sit on park benches and look at ducks and coots and swans. I want to be outside when it’s sunny and sit with my face to the sun and feel fed by… The thing is I used to do this quite a lot and wrote so much about it that I’m not sure I could do it all again – I’m not sure I could do things that I have written about already – what I want is new things – Love? Travel? – I want something to write about – I want to go beyond the Whitechapel Boys. I want the days to be mine – to open up before me like an invitation and to be the party, the cocktail party that you go to with no expectations and land up having the best time you’ve had in years. I used to have those times (am I whining?) – those Friday nights when we’d go out dancing till the sun came up and then walk down to the beach in Tel Aviv and take off our clothes and swim naked just off the promenade, at the foot of all those big hotels that shield Tel Aviv from the sea, that would take the impact of the tidal wave or the terrorist attack that came from the sea – tourists and hotel workers first. Is that what I need to do? Go back to Tel Aviv for a while. Is there something I need to face there? And the point being, what? Ah, yes, so that is what writing used to do – take me to places that I wasn’t sure I wanted to look at, places that the day to day of teaching and editing and preparing and promoting and hustling make so easy to avoid. I want to sit down and write like this every day – like now, while the spinach and chick-pea soup is boiling on the stove and the red cabbage and walnut salad is marinating in the fridge and I might go out for a run in about half an hour or take a nap before everyone turns up for dinner this evening – for dinner and a run-through of what we’ll be doing tomorrow when we perform at Soho Theatre. Is that what’s new? or the same? What if you sat down and did this every day – 500 words in 10 minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Make Me Write!

  1. >I think straws are stupid too, but they do come into their own when faced with a rude conglomeration of ice in one’s Coke.

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