Mark Gertler at Foyles

Last Friday I read “Mark Gertler in 13 Sketches” at Tales of the Decongested at Foyles. It’s always a great delight to read at Decongested as there’s a great audience, people who are interested in the short form, and the organisers – Rebekah and Paul – are always fantastic to work with. It was strange having Gertler’s biographer, Sarah MacDougall, in the audience – I kept worrying that she’d feel I was stealing her Gertler from her and also wondering if the Gertler I’m wrirting about is the same one as she has, if she could see her Gertler while listening to me reading. Sarah was there with Rachel Silman – both of them experts on the Whitechapel Boys, and curators of exhibitions at the Ben Uri Gallery. Rachel was saying that they’re having a big Rosenberg exhibition next year to commemorate 90 years since the day he died, and also 90 years since the end of the First World War. That’s a real incentive to get me to finish the Rosenberg section of the Whitechapoel triptych. My daily hour-an-a-half of writing was going really well until about ten days ago – it’s time to get back to Rosenberg; I can feel him waiting.

3 thoughts on “Mark Gertler at Foyles

  1. >Hi Shaun,I didn’t realise you’ve got a blog. I’ll make sure I check it out on a regular basis.I really enjoyed your story, by the way. It made me dig out all my old Michael Nyman CDs… which is a good thing!

  2. >Hey Dariush – Thanks – I should probably buy a couple of Michael Nyman CDs and have them playing in the background – I’m looking forward to your Decongested appearance at the end of May.

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