Running on the Spot

I’ve got a new story up on the fiction site, Pulp.Net. It’s a story about running, something that I haven’t done for more than a month, which, when you’re a runner, can feel like forever and that you’ll never run again, in your life. Ever. But back to Pulp.Net – it’s one of those short story sites that are always great to visit: great design, great listings, great stories – and there’s also a regular column where writers write about their top 10 books: Bernadine Evaristo, David Mitchell, Hisham Matar – and me! – are all there, among others. The person behind it all is Lane Ashfeldt and she’s committed to promoting short-story writers, and she’s a fantastic writer herself. She’s also the editor of Down the Angel, a book of short stories set in Islington. But what I was going to say about the running story is that there’s a bit where I talk about my disappointment at not having photos of me running – that’s all in the past, though – because there’s a brief clip of me in tights doing the Nike 10K Run in Hyde Park. Check it out.

One thought on “Running on the Spot

  1. >Hey, Shaun, I liked your story.Something about writers and competitiveness going on there, maybe??Thanks for the Pulp Net tip, too. I found some other stories I liked there…Angela

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