Glitz and Glamour

I’ve entered all three Whitechapel Boys in Joshua Sofaer’s Name in Lights project – the winning entry gets to see their name, or the name of someone they’ve nominated, flashing away from the top of Birmingham Central Library. You can see what Rosenberg and Gertler and Bomberg look like on a billboard, or you can enter your own name by clicking here. And if that doesn’t satisfy a hunger for glitz, then seeing Jake Gyllenhaal sing “I’m Telling You” from Dreamgirls will. I went to see Dreamgirls last night with G and A and R. What would it be like to write a book that makes you feel like that. Can writing ever do what music does? Maybe a poem. Maybe not. I think not. Music takes you to a place further back than the verbal. Music is what we hear in the underwater before birth. Everything is music before we are born. Is writing an attempt to get back to that – using words to get to something that has nothing to do with words.

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