Back to School

After a really long break from teaching – having been on a writing residency in Spain for about a month, looking out onto hills and big skies, and then a week in Prague sitting in cafes and bringing Kafka back to life – I have my first workshop later today. Two new courses at the Bishopsgate Institute: a general creative writing workshop and another one about researching a novel. I’m particularly excited about the second one as it’ll be the first time I’m running such a course and it’ll be based on the last three years of my own research for Whitechapel Boys. I like the way a new workshop challenges me to put into words what I’ve been doing (in this case, to try and define that transition from researched fact into inspired fiction) and find ways to make the process I’ve gone through exciting for others, and to encourage others to discover their own process and trust their own creative process. In the creative writing workshop we’ll be reading Andrew Holleran‘s book Grief, which I’m excited and apprehensive about – it’s so sombre and beautiful – and I admire him so much that I want everyone to love his work.

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