When Writing’s Going Well

Just came across an interview by John Shor and loved what he said about the experience of writing – especially when it’s going well. He says: “I’ll be honest—most of the time writing is without question extremely hard work. Having said that, moments of clarity exist that are profoundly enjoyable. For me, during such moments, characters seem to speak of their own accord, and scenes unfold as if I’ve already lived them. When I am in such a groove, I type as fast as I can, not caring if words are spelled properly or if everything makes perfect sense. As I type, the outside world simply disappears. I don’t think about what might be happening over the weekend or bills that need to be paid or house projects with my name on them. I’m simply consumed with writing as much as possible during this rare moment of clarity. What’s best about these moments is that as I write I experience a remarkable sense of contentedness—likely because I know that I am creating something that most people will find enjoyable. When reality inevitably chases me away from the computer, I always depart with great regret.” I’m in the great regret phase at the moment having left my writing desk about a month ago when my residency in Spain ended.

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